Aisling Bradley Art
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My work is a comparative study between abstract art and the body. Much of my curiosity is driven by the natural symmetry occurring in the body.

I'm stimulated by expressing the dialogue between subject matter and the medium of print making, initially in my pieces this meant exploring repetition as a formal element to communicate genetic modification. (Later I used uncontrollable chemical reactions to communicate the element of "chance" in human anatomy, the process in this case involved asphaltum powder reacting with methylated spirits.) I work in a grid system, as after much experimentation with collage it became apparent this made the strongest visual impact (and/or, echoed the nature of cells) making the subtle differences in texture (both in the prints and the ink studies) more obvious.

Through my use of mark-making, and colour I hope to explore internal organs. Using Photo Intaglio method and watercolours I have created a series of anatomy abstractions presently I’m working on a series based on the idea of Inertia - “A tendency to maintain momentum.” The imagery contains snails, bio-morphed images and anatomy. Through using snails as a metaphor it allows me the means to make some more personal statements about my own body and make an auto biographical work. Carl Jung, for instance, noted that the snail was representative of the self in dreams.